Why the Golden State Warriors are the Gold Standard of Basketball

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr knew what he was doing when he stepped in to coach these players. He made sure they knew to play the right way and to show up professionally and make correct decisions on the basketball court. From Stephen Curry to Klay Thompson to Draymond Green to Andrew Bogut to Harrison Barnes, these Warriors showed up to play ball and contribute in each and every way as possible. There wasn’t anything to ask from them. They’d do it for the team.

NBA Offseason/Warriors win NBA title

The Golden State Warriors are the 2015 NBA champions and they did it by beating Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers four times in a best of seven game series. Steve Kerr’s Warriors are the golden standard of playing basketball. If only our representatives at the U.S. Men’s National Basketball team at the Olympic Games could do that feat of what the Golden State Warriors did. 80% of life is showing up, and these Warriors did do that. The Cleveland Cavaliers resigned Kevin Love to a multi-year deal and the New Orleans Pelicans inked Anthony Davis to a five-year extension. The Toronto Raptors signed DeMarre Carroll away from the Atlanta Hawks for a four year, $60 million deal and the San Antonio Spurs signed Danny Green to a 45 million dollar deal for four years.

Game 1 of the 2015 NBA Finals

The Warriors made sure Lebron James got 44 points on tough shots. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr employed a tactic to let James score all the points and Kerr made sure his teammates do not get going. Nobody else but Lebron James was in double figures. Golden State survived overtime, winning Game 1, 108-100 and moving onto Game 2. NBA analysts predict the Warriors in five. I like to see the Warriors win the NBA Finals in seven. I want to see a competitive series between Stephen Curry and Lebron James.

NBA Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers have swept the Atlanta Hawks, because talent beats teamwork. Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer is trying to implement a free-flowing offense without a low post threat. Good luck with that. With Lebron James taking on everyone on the Hawks basketball squad guarding each of them, the Cavs’ role players have stepped up to contribute to team success. The Golden State Warriors haven’t been to the NBA Finals and haven’t won it in forty years. That will change on June 4, when the Warriors host the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1. Who wants it more? The Rockets have tried to grind out the Warriors in style, but that’s not their game and not the case in Game 5.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference NBA Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers came prepared for their first game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Cavs were upped to play up-tempo defense so they could stop the Hawks from running their team plays. The Cavs made sure they didn’t give Kyle Korver any open looks and made it hard on Jeff Teague to get his open looks at the basket. Lebron James was the centerpiece of Cleveland’s offense and J.R. Smith made most of his open looks. The Hawks looked frustrated, partly because they weren’t prepared by the Cavaliers’ onslaught. Every time the Hawks made a basket, Cleveland made sure they run a half-court offense so they could get their two points on the other end. In order to win the game, the Cavaliers had to neutralize the Hawks’ up-tempo offense and they did that with defense and making stops before Atlanta could hoist a three-point shot or a bucket near the basket.

NBA Conference Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers finally left the East semifinals, leaving the Chicago Bulls behind and sending Tom Thibodeau’s squad home. The Cavaliers will be facing the Atlanta Hawks and this will be a showdown between Lebron James and the run-fast up-tempo game that Mike Budenholzer implanted on these Hawks players. Lebron James will have to pick his poison on who to defend on the Hawks whether it’s Jeff Teague or Paul Millsap. The Atlanta Hawks dispatched of the Washington Wizards in six games. The Golden State Warriors, led by NBA league MVP Stephen Curry, will be taking on the winner of the L.A. Clippers and Houston Rockets.