Philadelphia 76ers in the Second Round of the NBA Playoffs

I have to say it, the Philadelphia 76ers really surprised me. They took on the Chicago Bulls by force and there was no stopping them. They reached into their bag of basketball plays under Sixers coach Doug Collins and played their brand of basketball. This is what I have to say about Philadelphia head coach Doug Collins. He is an advocate of character development in his players and he preaches character-driven traits in his X-and-Os. In no doubt in my mind, if the Sixers have a chance and they have plenty of those chances, they might surprise themselves again and find a way to eliminate the Boston Celtics in these second round NBA playoff series. This Sixers team is driven by self-improvement and building character. The starting five of Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes, Elton Brand, and Andre Iguodala plus the bench of Louis Williams and Thaddeus Young are all molded by Collins’ character-driven coaching style. There is no individual star reaching out to get accolades. They all play stellar defense and share the basketball on offense. There’s no missing having a superstar like Lebron James or Dwyane Wade or Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook scoring all the points for you.


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