Last Night’s Games

Indiana took Game 3 by storm. They seized control of the moment and the tempo of the game by winning it 95-74. The Pacers showed that they are not afraid of challenging the Miami Heat for shots and shot attempts. On one possession, David West pushed Lebron James to the floor when he was in the lane and Danny Granger tugged on James’ jersey on a near breakaway dunk. After Granger was called for a foul, he got in James’ face to show him he’s playing a competitive game. The Pacers are interesting in showing Miami that their Game 2 win in which Indiana won 78-75 was no fluke. If the Miami Heat are interested in winning three more basketball games, they have to have a commitment to playing defense. In their body language, Indiana showed they were in control. In their body language, Indiana challenged Miami to take shots from the perimeter and not drive layups to the basket. Indiana learned from experience that Miami can live with taking perimeter shots, because the Heat can live and die with it. The Heat’s strength is having their superstar players like Dwyane Wade and Lebron James take daring layups and dunks at the basket. Now, the challenge for Miami is winning three games now. They are two losses away from elimination. It starts with defense. In the western conference bracket, the San Antonio Spurs took care of their business and dispatched the L.A. Clippers in Game 2. It was certainly no contest and just a day in the office for Gregg Popovich’s squad. Just by the score, it was a blowout win, 105-88. Everyone on the Spurs roster contributed to the Spurs’ victory. It wasn’t just one player. Sure, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker were in double-digit scoring. That didn’t matter. Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli played their best game and gave it their all. This evident win in Game 2 for San Antonio is all the more reason why I think the Spurs are the favorites to win the NBA title, even though almost no one notices them in the NBA playoffs. If the Boston Celtics have any chance, I think they might make it to the NBA Finals, despite the injuries the Miami Heat have, especially when they don’t have Chris Bosh anymore. Here’s what I think: the Miami Heat have such a huge ego, it is hard for someone like Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra try and manage Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. I would like to see them get back to the NBA Finals. However, tempers flaring in Game 2 is not what I’d like to see, although I can understand their frustration in allowing the Indiana Pacers score points like they did. The Miami Heat have to have a commitment on defense. If they must win Game 3 and I think they should, they must have a deep commitment to playing defense. What I am saying is: the Boston Celtics do not have an ego, unlike the Miami Heat. The Celtics play like a unit and they act like a basketball unit too. Egos aside, the Celtics play for a team and they act like a team. This is all the more reason why I think despite the injuries the Chicago Bulls have in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah and why they were eliminated and now the Miami Heat with Chris Bosh, this gives the Celtics a lucky chance to get back to the NBA Finals. The Celtics don’t have players playing at full strength, but they are not injured. Boston has a chance to claw its way back to the NBA Finals.


One thought on “Last Night’s Games

  1. Nice recap and good thoughts. And, wow, who would have thought that the Heat would be down 2-1 to the Pacers after 3 games. This is insane and this is why you play the regular season. Without Chris Bosh the Pacers have no mismatch on the front line and Roy Hibbert is just going to town, although he might have done that anyways with Bosh in the lineup. But it’s obvious that Lebron can’t keep playing the 4 because it’s just too tolling on him. He’s big but he’s not that big to do it game in and game out and be expected to put up MVP numbers. This series is going to go down to the wire likely and hopefully it’s a dandy. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog because I really want to know what you have to say


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