Exciting Thriller

The L.A. Lakers were almost in a 0-3 hole, when they clamped down on defense. They played slow and they got in the lane and made shots. The Lakers executed on offense and were lucky enough to pull out a 99-96 win. This was another close game until the final minutes. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook ran out of steam in the final minute and they couldn’t put Oklahoma City over the top and put the L.A. Lakers away for a 3-0 series lead. It was awfully close though. In the east semifinal bracket, the Sixers pulled off an upset and beat the Celtics 92-83. Andre Iguodala made a crucial three-pointer in the final four minutes of the fourth quarter to help Philadelphia tie the series at 2 games apiece. I understand that the Celtics were in need of some rest, because they couldn’t run all the way with the Sixers in the fourth quarter, whose athleticism and energy certainly did seem to burn out Boston and made the veteran-savvy C’s miss some wide open shots. I do think the eighth seeded Sixers have a chance to put away the Celtics, although it may take an eternity for Philly to knock out the immortal Celtics, who are searching for their 18th NBA title, if I am not mistaken. The last time Boston won their NBA title was in 2008 and that was their 17th title. It’s athleticism and speed versus slow paced and size in the form of a showdown between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the L.A. Lakers. This time in Game 3, the Lakers showed how to play their style of basketball by getting in the lane and attacking the rim. I think the Lakers were determined to win Game 3, after a Game 2 collapse.


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