Unbelievable Basketball Game

I missed an unbelievable basketball game last night. I should’ve watched Kevin Durant’s game-winning three-pointer against these talented-and-also-full-of-hubris L.A. Lakers in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. This goes to show you all that you’ve got to take advantage of these little situations in the box score and like Russell Westbrook says, “You can’t afford to sit back and wonder about it.” Two Lakers that might be sitting back and wondering about it is Pau Gasol and Ron Artest, two Lakers that could’ve helped Kobe Bryant seal the Game 4 win. No doubt in my mind that wasn’t going to happen to these hubris-filled Lakers. Now, the Thunder are sitting pretty now with a 3-1 series lead. If the Lakers look back on this, who is this Lakers team that succumbed to an athletic and young Thunder team and didn’t play in the moment and look to get their points early and sustain it and beat OKC up for it, showing the young Thunder how basketball should be played and force the Lakers’ tempo upon Oklahoma City. Not a chance, Los Angeles. The Thunder look ready and they have been mature enough to realize their mistakes they’ve lost for and made up for it in the past with an astonishing series victory now that can clinch their West finals matchup with the San Antonio Spurs. That should be exciting to watch. If the Oklahoma City Thunder can learn anything about playing their best basketball, they should keep doing it. They look like they’re having fun out there.

2 thoughts on “Unbelievable Basketball Game

  1. This may be the best series of the playoffs – if the Thunder go on to beat the Lakers of course. You were right all along AJ – the Spurs are a formidable foe, and Tim Duncan is just an incredible, underrated athlete. Amazing.

  2. Hey Sean. Thanks for your comment. No one likes to give the San Antonio Spurs any credit for winning the NBA title. Be realistic, San Antonio is a small-market city and can afford to buy the basketball players it needs for its program. They don’t need the fanciest and the flashiest basketball players in the world or those players seeking money to play basketball unlike our contemporary, modern-day NBA superstars. The Spurs spend money frugally on who they need and they know which basketball player benefits from playing with the San Antonio Spurs. Rest assured, the Spurs aren’t concerned about playing the flashiest style of basketball. They are solely interested in winning ball games and winning and playing the right way in basketball is what counts for the San Antonio Spurs organization. This is an organization that takes pride in getting better and going in the right direction the only way possible – moving forward and doing what is best for Spurs basketball.


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