NBA Semi-Finals

The Miami Heat came back to beat the Indiana Pacers in Game 5 of their Eastern Conference playoff semifinal series, 101-93. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade combined to score 70 points as they secured a Game 5 win. This is the kind of performance Miami needs from its superstars to win games. What the Pacers failed to do in Game 5 what they did in Game 4 was stop James and Wade from scoring the basketball. The Pacers may need to go back to that formula in order to stop the Miami Heat. Also, the San Antonio Spurs reached back from its bag of past valuable experiences and rallied to beat the L.A. Clippers 102-99. Tim Duncan had 21 points and Tony Parker had 17. The Spurs have a 18-game winning streak and a 8-0 postseason record. The Spurs look unstoppable and no one is still noticing how good San Antonio is playing as a team. I am looking forward to seeing the Spurs try and roll over the young Oklahoma City Thunder if OKC makes it to the west finals. This will be a good matchup for San Antonio. Can San Antonio maintain its 18-game winning streak and a 8-0 postseason record so far?


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