Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers 115-83

This was a blowout win for the Miami Heat. Not only were there three flagrant fouls called, but the Heat showed their will and resiliency against a Pacers team that showed them in this series that they were not scared of mighty Miami. Miami’s reserve power forward and center Dexter Pittman delivered a slash to Lance Stephenson’s throat in the final seconds. Maybe he was proving a point to Stephenson about mocking Lebron James with the choke signal when he missed three free throws in Game 5. There was another flagrant when Tyler Hansbrough otherwise known as Psycho T delivered a blow to Dwyane Wade’s forehead as Wade went for a contested layup. He broke open a cut above Wade’s left eyebrow. Later, Udonis Haslem went for Hansbrough and got Tyler caught up when he didn’t make a play on the ball. I think a fine on Haslem should be made. I expect Game 6 to be a wild and contested game. I like how the Miami Heat kept their composure after Indiana tried to discourage the Heat from making layups. I think Udonis Haslem’s attempt to go for Hansbrough instead of the ball was uncalled for. So is Pittman’s attempt to foul Stephenson. I am looking forward to Game 6 and am excited to see if the Miami Heat are pumped up for a clinching victory.


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