U.S.A Basketball

I was recently approached by a supervisor/friend of mine at JobPath and I asked him what I thought of the Americans being outplayed by the world’s best basketball players not playing for the United States of America. He told me, “we have to pass better, we have to shoot better, we have to make our layups better,” which was a point of view. He didn’t concede that the world outside of the United States has better basketball players. If I were to construct a Dream Team from the NBA to represent U.S.A., who would it be? I suggest picking players that would considerably be good for a skill-set for a position. Rajon Rondo has said in Hoops Hype he has no interest in playing for the U.S. basketball team at the Olympics. He would make a good starting point guard. Rondo’s play making and his shooting has overlooked his entire basketball repertoire and he is a fantastic point guard and knows how to run a team. Joe Johnson has a silky smooth jump shot and he is athletic enough to take on the best shooting guards at his position. I like having Tayshaun Prince at my small forward position. He is long and lanky and has the offensive and defensive skill set to create his own shot and baffle the opposing small forward with his length. I like Paul Millsap at the power forward position. His toughness, his ability to hit the boards, and find his own offense is unique to Millsap at this position. Greg Monroe is my center for this U.S. basketball team. His shot-blocking ability and prowess on the rebounds are valuable for my team. As far as the basketball bench goes, Ben Wallace would make a great sixth man. His energy and defense are assets for helping boost an American offense with having Rondo, Millsap, Prince, and Johnson a go at it. In this situation also, Kevin Durant should fill out a reserve role in helping Team U.S.A. with his perimeter shooting, length, and defense on the seventh spot down the bench. Also, Team U.S.A. should have a three-point shooting specialist and it should be Anthony Morrow, a sharpshooting guard and forward for the New Jersey Nets. Kevin Love is next down the list and he should help Team U.S.A. with offense and rebounding. In the tenth spot, Rudy Gay will be Team U.S.A’s top perimeter defender. As 11 and 12 goes, Ty Lawson would make a great backup point guard here. I think Josh Smith should make my U.S. basketball squad. He has the skill-set to be a shooting guard because he is a reliable shooter and he can rebound and play defense with small forwards and power forwards and is agile enough to overpower slower power forwards and athletic enough to outwit bigger small forwards. I’m looking forward to comments, because I know definitely well that the world’s best basketball players come from outside the United States now.


2 thoughts on “U.S.A Basketball

  1. Great insight into the players in the NBA
    What would be the players from outside the US if they were to form a team to play the US?
    US players vs the World !

    • Non-USA Basketball Team U.S.A. Basketball team

      PG Tony Parker PG Rajon Rondo
      SG Leandro Barbosa SG Joe Johnson
      SF Andrea Bargnani SF Tayshaun Prince
      PF Dirk Nowitzki PF Paul Millsap
      C Zydrunas Ilgauskas C Greg Monroe

      Bench Bench

      PG Jose Calderon PG Ben Wallace
      SG Manu Ginobli F/C Kevin Durant
      SF Carlos Delfino SG/SF Anthony Morrow
      PF Tiago Splitter F/C Kevin Love
      C Andris Biedrins SG/SF Rudy Gay
      PG Patty Mills PG Ty Lawson
      SG Marco Bellinelli G/F Josh Smith
      SF Luol Deng PF/C Demarcus Cousins
      PF Ersan Ilyasova PG/SG Tyreke Evans
      C Serge Ibaka F Tyler Hansbrough
      PG J.J. Barea G/F Dorell Wright
      SG Kelenna Azuibuike PG Brandon Jennings

      I apologize to European basketball fans if I do not know them and/or if they haven’t played in the NBA. I will try and remember their names.


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