Celtics vs. Sixers

This is turning out to be a grind. The Sixers force a Game 7 and it will be on Saturday May 26 in Boston. How did the Celtics let the Sixers run loose for a 82-75 victory? Simple: you didn’t stop ball penetration by Sixers guards Lou Williams and Jrue Holiday. You repeatedly let Williams and Holiday dribbling into the lane looking for their shot and when they penetrated some more, they kicked out the ball to open shooters. The Celtics also let the Sixers control the tempo of the game too. To win basketball games, you have to force your opponent to play to your pace. The Celitcs didn’t do that. None of the things Boston established to win Game 5 were existent in Game 6. Philadelphia figured out how Boston likes to play their style of basketball. On defense, the C’s rely on help defense as a help defender comes over to help over on the weak side. The Sixers exploited Boston’s defense. Now it’s Game 7 in Boston. Will the Sixers upset Boston this Saturday?


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