Spurs vs. Thunder Game 2

The San Antonio Spurs are giving the Oklahoma City Thunder a basketball clinic on ball movement, precision passing, and ball spacing. The Spurs won Game 2 120-111 and you can’t expect a better performance from the Spurs, who I think will win the NBA title this year. The hero for the Spurs was Tony Parker who had 34 points. I wonder how can the Oklahoma City Thunder stop the Spurs’ speedy point guard. Did having Russell Westbrook foul him hard on a driving layup discourage Parker? No it didn’t. The Thunder are getting a lesson in futility and experience. You can’t expect the Thunder to use their youth and athleticism against an experienced veteran team in the San Antonio Spurs. You have to be patient and thorough with how you play perfect basketball against a team that has Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker. You have to put Kevin Durant on Tony Parker and make Parker confused by giving him different looks at the hoop. Make Ginobli go right, instead of left. Ginobli is a left-hander and always goes left, so the Thunder defender, it would be Thabo Sefolosha, make Ginobli go right. You have to be disciplined enough to make Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker pass the basketball to their teammates whether it be Kawhi Leonard or Danny Green and Stephen Jackson and make them make baskets. The Spurs will know what you are doing against them, but it will eventually be perfect basketball and it will disrupt the San Antonio offense.


3 thoughts on “Spurs vs. Thunder Game 2

  1. Well said. Popovich is also just an unbelievable coach and really knows how to pace his players during the regular season and how to utilize each individual guy to their maximum potential. It will be interesting if the Spurs win this series, then move on to play the Heat (who I think will beat Boston) because the Heat are as athletic as OKC, but more seasoned, and D. Wade is a much MUCH more threatening scorer than Westbrook (if we’re making the comparison between Wade/James and Westbrook/Durant. Thanks for the post AJ – more interesting and exciting games to come!!

    • The Celtics are up 3-2 over the Miami Heat. Boston has injuries, but they’re overcoming them and more adversity is on the way as OKC is awaiting them in the NBA Finals. It’ll be interesting if the Celtics can contain Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden if the Celtics beat the Heat in Game 6.


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