Spurs vs. Thunder Game 5

Exciting and great game! Way to go, OKC! Oops. I wasn’t trying to be subjective. As a basketball writer, you have to be objective and neutral when you see top games, teams, and athletes. Haaaa! There I go again! Gooo, OKC! I missed almost the entire game, but I saw the third quarter. Hahahaha! I’m not doing my job, because I’m emotional about it. OKC really broke into the Spurs. This is an exciting time for the Oklahoma City Thunder, because they are one win away and I mean one win away from beating the San Antonio Spurs and entering the NBA Finals. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant and James Harden are growing up nicely now and Derek Fisher and Kendrick Perkins are helping the trio with their combined experience and wisdom of winning playoff games. If the Thunder can keep it up like they won Game 5 109-103, they won’t miss a beat as they become a cinderalla team in winning the NBA title.