U.S.A. 126, Argentina 97

The Argentines gave the Americans all they could handle. In the second half, the Americans rushed away with a flurry of three pointers. They led Argentina the rest of the way after it was a competitive first half. The Americans were probably happy about this victory. I really think that this win over Argentina should help the Americans, because it gave them some adversity and some afterthought about winning this crucial game. What was hilarious in this game was the afterthought when Argentine guard Facundo Campazzo hit Carmelo Anthony in the groin and it probably hurt too. Why did Anthony go after Campazzo for that? Probably because it was an accident. Ask Campazzo. Did he really think it was an accident? He told Kobe Bryant about what he did to Anthony, “Yeah. It was my fault. I understand.” And what Chris Paul did to Campazzo? He punched him. No, Campazzo wasn’t told by Chirs Paul that it was an accident. Campazzo said, Paul didn’t apologize to him for the punch. That’s just Chris Paul. That’s how Facundo Campazzo reacted to the situation. Anyone can react like that.

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