Kobe Bryant: His Legacy

I was watching Kobe Bryant in the first three NBA games and boy, was he off-target on his jump shots. He should be making those shots automatically. As Bryant is advancing, he should be careful to defer to his teammates. He can still lead as before, however, he may not know it will be a Kobe-Bryantesque shot anymore. He has as good an opportunity to pursue his sixth NBA title. What will prevent him from reaching his sixth ring? Age. He still has his patent jump shot and he can still hoop with the best of them. However, at this stage of his career, he should be relying more on his jump shot than his layups. In a game against the Detroit Pistons, Bryant let Dwight Howard gather more points than him. In some games, Bryant should defer to Dwight Howard and D12 will have more points than him. Bryant doesn’t need to score more than 15 points to be an effective scorer. He should know that now. He should know he doesn’t need to attempt to make at least ten shots to amass 20 points.


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