Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers are slumping. Why? Nobody’s scared of these 11-14 Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe, you have to go out there and take the basketball game that you love and stick it right back to them! You did the right thing, when you scored 34 points against Philadelphia. And you won the game 111-98. When you have two seven footers like Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard on your team, you have to utilize them and see their strengths like it’s your strength. See that they ride piggy-back on your shoulders, Kobe, and see that you are leading this team to glory and to your sixth NBA title where you will be cemented in legacy for having more NBA titles than Shaquille O’Neal. This is the first two-game winning streak in a while, don’t be shocked by this. It’s December and there is still time remaining. They are just three games below .500 and need momentum now from doing this. They’ll need this win over Philadelphia to prove how great the Lakers are and this is Kobe’s team and Kobe Bryant needs to show that this is the basketball game that he loves and nobody can take that away from him.

New York Knicks

I live here in New York City and I cannot stand when the New York Knicks do rally from behind and beat the leading team. They beat the Charlotte Bobcats in an earlier contest which I posted earlier, 100-98. Now they defeat the Brooklyn Nets in another come-from-behind victory 100-97. Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd have got to be the guilty culprits when it comes to helping the Knicks overcome lead deficits during the game. As I watch Chandler play basketball, I begin to appreciate how much he contributes to winning basketball, as he already has an NBA ring. His defense means so much for a winning basketball team, yet his offense is scarcely improving.

J.R. Smith Game Winner

J.R. Smith hit a game-winning 18-foot jump shot at the buzzer as the New York Knicks win 100-98 against the Charlotte Bobcats and Kemba Walker. I really thought the Bobcats were going to win this game. Instead, Charlotte folded and the Knicks ran out of the building with the victory. The Knicks were teasing us with their play, as they were behind for nearly the entire game. The Bobcats were carefully leading with their steady play behind Kemba Walker. What a heart-breaker!