Overall NBA Thoughts

The way Miami is playing and the San Antonio Spurs are playing, I would like to see both of these teams represent the East and the West in the NBA Finals. The Spurs are unbelievably playing out of their mind and are not getting much notice, despite knowing that San Antonio All-Star point guard Tony Parker is out with an ankle injury. I like Miami’s chances of repeating, because they’re got talent and two Heat All-Stars playing really well in Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. If Bosh can contain Tim Duncan or Chris Andersen can defend Duncan’s looks at the basket and the Heat limit Ginobli and Parker, when he comes back, to easy baskets and looks and layups, the Heat really have an easy time committing themselves to getting their second NBA title. Forget knowing that Lebron James will leave the Heat in 2014, yes he is leaving Miami, though he should stay if he is committing to testing free agency, James left Cleveland bitter enemies there and won an NBA championship in Miami. I like knowing the fact that Lebron James is a proven winner, regardless of leaving Cleveland as a free agent and bolted for Miami there where he has an NBA title.


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