Games 3 and 4 of NBA Playoffs

The Chicago Bulls beat the Brooklyn Nets to go up 3-1 to win 142-134 and then Brooklyn beat Chicago in Game 5 110-91 to cut the series lead to 3-2. The Memphis Grizzlies beat the L.A. Clippers 104-83 to tie the series and 2-2 and goes back to Los Angeles for Game 5. Atlanta beat the Indiana Pacers 90-69 to cut the Pacers’ series lead to a 2-1 deficit and in the next game Atlanta beats Indiana 102-91 and the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Houston Rockets 104-101 to go up 3-0. Later on, Houston survives by beating the Thunder 105-103 in Game 4. Boston beat New York in an elimination game to win 97-90 and Miami finished Milwaukee in four games straight 88-77. The San Antonio Spurs beat the LA. Lakers 103-82 to win their playoff series, 4-0. Golden State beat the Denver Nuggets 115-101 to go up 3-1 in their best of seven series. These are all worthy games that each team should be winning, although I am surprised the Chicago Bulls didn’t go for the knockout punch against Brooklyn in an elimination game. The Warriors are handling the Nuggets, because of Golden State point guard Stephen Curry’s scoring performances. No surprise from the Spurs ousting the Lakers. Or Miami finishing the Bucks in four games straight.


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