More playoff games

The Indiana Pacers sent the Atlanta Hawks packing in Game 6, 81-73. George Hill and David West each scored 21 points to lead the Pacers in the win. Indiana wins the series 4 games to 2. Indiana has the better talented team than the Hawks do. New York beat Boston 88-80 to move on to the next round to face the Indiana Pacers. New York wins 4 games to 2. Carmelo Anthony is the hero with 21 points. Boston has the aging team while New York has the veteran presence of the series. That’s why the Knicks won. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Houston Rockets 103-94 to advance as Kevin Durant had 27 points. The Thunder will face the Memphis Grizzlies, who beat the L.A. Clippers to move on to the next round, in Game 6, 118-105. In Game 7 today, Chicago held on to defeat the Brooklyn Nets 99-93 to face the Miami Heat and Lebron James. Chicago was undermanned and undersized against a tough and resurgent Brooklyn Nets team. The Bulls did it and they advance.


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