NBA Finals 2013 Game 2

The Miami Heat win this game 103-84 behind strong defense and a balanced offense that had role players like Mario Chalmers stepping up and making big shots. When that happened and Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James were making their shots, everything went Miami’s way. The Heat ran rampant over San Antonio. The Heat disrupted Tony Parker penetrating when he picked-and-rolled and made turnovers on points whenever he tried to make a play. It was a smart move by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, because the Heat needed to find a way to contain Parker’s penetration into the passing lanes and where he gets easy points. Tony Parker was the reason why Miami lost control of Game 1. The Heat let up and Parker got his points. I think most importantly of all, the Heat took Game 2 very seriously because they lost Game 1 and some momentum into Game 2. Look to see the San Antonio Spurs review plays where they couldn’t recover on the pick-and-roll because the Heat burned their opponents on open plays and wide open jump shots and three pointers. San Antonio wasn’t expecting to see Miami opening up on three pointers and jump shots whenever Wade or Chalmers were trying to get open. Congrats to Miami for opening up opportunities on their perimeter game. Now San Antonio goes home with a split and figure out how they won Game 1, because they need to duplicate their success like they did in Game 1 again in Game 3. They need Parker at his best, making layups and open jump shots and Ginobli and Duncan doing well again in order to win Game 3.


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