Pacers get Luis Scola and Gary Neal signs with Milwaukee

What a day! The Indiana Pacers get Luis Scola and they haven’t changed the outlook of their frontline with Roy Hibbert, David West, Tyler Hansbrough, and Ian Mahinmi. Gary Neal decides to sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. This is a very good day for the NBA, because teams haven’t lost significant value of how good their NBA team really is without giving up too many valuable basketball players to sign with other teams.


Detroit Pistons off-season

Chauncey Billups’ return to Detroit will do wonders for their young Pistons point guards. He will help, guide, and shape the guards on that roster with his leadership and poise and basketball skills. Rasheed Wallace returns to the Detroit Pistons as an assistant coach. He will bring leadership to a Pistons organization that relied on his temperament and solid ball handling skills when he was a player with the team. I grade this offseason for the Detroit Pistons an A.

NBA Happenings

Jarrett Jack signed an offer sheet to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler were traded as part of a three-team deal and went to Phoenix. Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick were also part of that deal and were traded to the Clippers. Andre Iguodala signed to played with the Golden State Warriors as Nick Young agreed to join the Los Angeles Lakers. J.J. Hickson signed a three-year deal to join the Denver Nuggets. The San Antonio Spurs reached an agreement to sign Marco Belinelli away from Chicago. The Portland Trail Blazers signed guard Earl Watson. Chauncey Billups is returning back to Detroit. Billups will be mentoring the younger Pistons guards at work. That will be a very good sight to watch. The NBA has had a bunch of signings of rookies joining up to play in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers went and got Andrew Bynum from Philadelphia. The Bucks signed Jeff Teague to a contract and the Detroit Pistons signed Josh Smith and went to get Rasheed Wallace and brought him in as an assistant coach for the Pistons. C.J. Watson signed with the Indiana Pacers and the Pacers brought back David West.  Lots of things happening in the NBA. I just remembered to mention the signings going on right now. I think this fall’s NBA season going to be a very busy time for most of the NBA players.

Dwight Howard to Houston!

Dwight Howard is going to play for the Houston Rockets. Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey is a smart human being who knows how to make business decisions. Trading for James Harden and Jeremy Lin? You’ve got a good backcourt and a versatile small forward in Chandler Parsons. Howard is going to make the Rockets a much better team, because of his low post presence.