Short Sleeved NBA Jersey T-Shirts

What gives? Why did the NBA create those short-sleeve NBA jersey t-shirts for Christmas Day and for regular season wear? They look hideous as they cover the NBA player’s biceps and look tight on them. It’s better if they were loose so we wouldn’t really notice the bulge on their biceps. The Golden State Warriors, the Chicago Bulls, the San Antonio Spurs, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Miami Heat are such teams who are sporting such t-shirts. If anything, the Clippers t-shirt looks like a collector’s item to wear and the Bulls t-shirt is really ugly-looking, with the Bull in black covering the front part of the shirt.

What’s the Story for Oklahoma City?

Oklahoma City is really going ahead without much of its core from last season as Kevin Martin is gone and Jeremy Lamb steps in. The Thunder aren’t making much moves, but without the due of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, they are expected to make much more impact with their basketball play as time goes on. Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins and Thabo Sefolosha are expected to carry on the duties as role players as they help OKC continue their run for their first NBA championship. New younger players step in as the forefront of the Thunder’s future. Players like Steven Adams and Perry Jones III and Nick Collison will strengthen the Thunder bench, but how long will it keep OKC from suffering another devastating loss in the playoffs? They have made lots of moves in the past offseason and in previous years, but the Thunder have failed to attain a goal of obtaining an NBA title.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Reign is Supreme

Kevin Durant and his Thunder teammates are falling back for a year, since losing in last season’s playoff semifinals to the Memphis Grizzlies. Kevin Martin isn’t back with the team. He’s joined the Minnesota Timberwolves this season. Russell Westbrook is back from his injury and OKC is still one of the premiere teams to watch despite their fall last year. Jeremy Lamb is their new shooting guard, replacing Martin. He will be fun to watch, because he can shoot the basketball.

Brian Shaw’s Denver Nuggets

These Denver Nuggets that Brian Shaw are coaching are 12-8. With Ty Lawson out with an injury, prepare to have Andre Miller and Evan Fournier shoot the lights out of the gym. Watch out for forward Anthony Randolph’s minutes to expand, because Brian Shaw is playing guys for effectiveness on the basketball court. Shaw is managing a Nuggets team that is deep in depth and size. Denver coach Brian Shaw isn’t taking guff from players who aren’t giving their all. If Kenneth Faried isn’t up to playing up to par about his best basketball performances, expect Shaw to bench him. Shaw is running a deep Nuggets squad, quite like former Nuggets coach George Karl, who knows how to get these players up and down the court like Elmer Fudd hunting down Bugs Bunny, firing his shotgun. I expect to see a tight ship being run harder by head coach Brian Shaw, because he is allowing players to see their best basketball days ahead of them. Shaw will run these Nuggets players like Miller and Fournier and Randolph and Javale McGee at a high pace until they score 110 points and the game is over. That is Denver’s style of basketball and they run opponents dry to the ground with their fast frantic play.