World Basketball

If the USA wants to get better with the world about basketball, it’s time that they decide that they need basketball players who love the sport. They need to develop younger role models who have a passion for the game of basketball and have a physical desire to get better at it. No longer are NBA players dominating the world and so American basketball players have sort of become a dinosaur and the world is playing spectacular basketball with countries like Croatia, Argentina, Spain, Australia, and France. U.S. basketball players won’t surprise the world with their basketball performances, but they will try and get other world basketball teams to adapt to their speed and athleticism, which I hope they won’t ignore too mildly, because agility and the ability to shoot has puzzled the American basketball team at times. No longer will the world stare in awe of the U.S’s basketball greatness. It’s time for the U.S. to show that they need their teenagers to love playing basketball again.


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