Heat sweep Bobcats among other First Round NBA Action

The Miami Heat have done it, they’ve swept the Charlotte Bobcats behind Lebron James. The Heat win it in four games, 109-98. The competition is easy for the Heat, thus far, wait for the later rounds especially the East Conference finals. It’ll get harder. Not so fast for the Indiana Pacers, who’ve slipped and slid this time in the first round. The Atlanta Hawks beat the Pacers 107-97 behind a lot of three pointers and I mean, a lot of three pointers by the Hawks. The Hawks are showing the Pacers they’re for real. The San Antonio Spurs beat the Dallas Mavericks 93-89 in Dallas Texas, which should have been another exciting game to watch. The Spurs bounce back after losing on a three pointer by Mavs guard Vince Carter in Game 3. Nothing beats these steady Spurs at their game, although the Mavericks are giving them sort of a tough time by closing out on perimeter shooters and slowing down Tim Duncan in the low post.


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