Spurs win Game 5/Heat advance to NBA Finals

The Spurs returned to their dominant selves in Game 5 in San Antonio. They routed the Thunder in every single aspect of the game. No excuse for the Thunder’s chance to win. Kevin Durant couldn’t come up big to win. Now, the Thunder have to win Game 6 in order to win Game 7 in San Antonio. In Miami, the Heat advance to win 117-92 and now await the winner of the Oklahoma City Thunder-San Antonio Spurs West finals. It was a team game for the Miami Heat. Chris Bosh had 25 points and Rashard Lewis and Mario Chalmers had 13 as Miami continued its rout over Indiana.

Pacers win Game 5, 93-90

Lebron James just had an awful game. The Pacers had him give up five fouls in the three quarters of play and James only had two points. Now, what do you do for Game 6? Prepare to learn from Game 5’s loss for Miami. The Pacers were more aggressive than the Heat were and it showed. The aggression in Indiana was apparent throughout the whole game. Now the Heat have to regroup and come back ready to play.

Thunder tie series 105-92 with Spurs

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were the guilty culprits as they led the Thunder to a win in Game 4 and tie the series at 2 games apiece. Westbrook held Spurs point guard Tony Parker to 14 points as OKC led throughout the game. In the end, the Thunder have momentum going into Game 5 and taking a 3-2 series lead. The question for the Spurs is how do they move forward from the Game 4 loss.

Heat dominate Pacers in Game 4

Chris Bosh got off to a fast start, Lebron James was his usual dominant self, and the Heat never looked so good in Game 4. When the Heat play basketball, Lebron James has a variety of teammates he can pass to score because he is versatile and his talent allows him to see who he can get the basketball to in transition. The Pacers were dismal against a Miami team that was determined to get to the basket and play better basketball.

Thunder dominate Game 3 in Serge Ibaka’s Return

OKC roared to life at Chesapeake Energy Arena as Serge Ibaka hit his first four shots of the game. Then Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook took their turn and hit their shots. The San Antonio Spurs were nowhere to show up in Game 3. They played from behind and were eager to catch up to the Thunder. In the end, the Thunder have arrived in the West finals. Now, the Spurs need to show up for Game 4 in order to put the Thunder’s title hopes in the NBA Finals out of reach. If San Antonio showed up in Game 3, OKC would be in trouble.

Spurs win Game 2

San Antonio wins Game 2 112-77 behind Tony Parker’s basketball plays and Danny Green. The Spurs lead the series 2 games to none as the series shift to Oklahoma City. If you’re Kevin Durant, you should be wondering, who should be taking charge of these early games in the series? Somebody like Kevin Durant should be seizing the moment and taking charge of these late fourth quarters. But to no avail, there’s no OKC win. San Antonio is continuing to do all the right things in the right moment, take the charge, make the perfect pass, pass the ball to the open man, and making sure Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook don’t score too much against a clogged San Antonio Spurs lane. If there is anything to consider, make sure San Antonio contains Durant and Westbrook to win the game. This is a Spurs team that likes having Tony Parker drive the lane for his layups and Tim Duncan scoring near the basket. They’re consistent in what they are doing and a Dallas team in the first round coached by Rick Carlisle nearly drove the Spurs nuts.