Spurs win Game 2

San Antonio wins Game 2 112-77 behind Tony Parker’s basketball plays and Danny Green. The Spurs lead the series 2 games to none as the series shift to Oklahoma City. If you’re Kevin Durant, you should be wondering, who should be taking charge of these early games in the series? Somebody like Kevin Durant should be seizing the moment and taking charge of these late fourth quarters. But to no avail, there’s no OKC win. San Antonio is continuing to do all the right things in the right moment, take the charge, make the perfect pass, pass the ball to the open man, and making sure Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook don’t score too much against a clogged San Antonio Spurs lane. If there is anything to consider, make sure San Antonio contains Durant and Westbrook to win the game. This is a Spurs team that likes having Tony Parker drive the lane for his layups and Tim Duncan scoring near the basket. They’re consistent in what they are doing and a Dallas team in the first round coached by Rick Carlisle nearly drove the Spurs nuts.

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