2015-2016 NBA Basketball Season

Hey guys, I’m back for writing a blog on the NBA season. Fred Hoiberg is the new Chicago Bulls basketball coach and he has made a change to the Bulls squad. Joakim Noah, Chicago’s starting center is coming off the bench and Hoiberg has put in Nikola Mirotic as the center. A sharpshooting big, Mirotic will create mismatches on the perimeter and because he is a running big, he will sprint up and down the court fast enough so that opposing centers can’t match him up for the paint area around the basket. Derrick Rose is having his way being the point guard for Hoiberg and there aren’t any pressing issues being addressed here.

The Golden State Warriors are wired for a repeat championship season. Can they do it and handle it again? Everybody is back for the Dubs, and they get Jason Thompson from Sacramento joining them. What becomes of the new recruit joining the Warriors?

All this and more exciting news around the NBA. Stay tuned because it’s another basketball season around the corner!