Deron Williams and Kyle Korver Sign with Cleveland

Deron Williams signed to play with Lebron James and traded for Kyle Korver from Atlanta. The question is, will they play better with two new acquisitions? Only thirty games left into the NBA regular season and we have yet seen stand out games from Korver or Williams.

DeMarcus Cousins Gets Traded to New Orleans

The Sacramento Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans for a first round draft pick. Cousins will team up with Anthony Davis of the Pelicans where they hope they will be a nightmare matchup in the 2017 NBA playoffs.


Anthony Davis is All-Star Game MVP in New Orleans

On February 19, Anthony Davis scored the most points and became the Most Valuable Player that day. In a game featuring Eastern All-Stars and Western All-Stars, Davis became a dominant big man in the game of basketball. Now, it’s up to Anthony Davis to make sure that New Orleans doesn’t fade away in the playoffs or come the final thirty games of the regular season.