Guest Post: D Rose Injury will make it Tough for the Bulls

You probably known by now that Derrick Rose is out for the remainder
of the season after undergoing meniscus surgery. Fans are fearing the
worst since he has two significant knee surgeries in 19 months, they
are worried if he can ever regain his old self.

Derrick Rose left Portland’s Moda Center on crutches and the MRI
revealed it was a torn meniscus.

The Bulls without Derrick Rose can win games but they do not have
enough talent without Rose to win a championship. However, they don’t
have a great roster last season but still managed 45 wins and took the
eventual NBA Champions Miami Heat to game 5 in the Conference
Semifinals. They have enough talent to make the playoffs this year
especially now that the Eastern Conference is struggling.

Bulls life without Rose have been very dark, the Los Angeles Clippers
routed them at the Staples Center 121-82. Then in their 2nd game
without Rose, the struggling Utah Jazz beat the Bulls, 89-83 in

For now the point guard duty will be delegated to Kirk Hinrich. He was
the starting point guard for the Bulls before Derrick Rose came so he
can easily play this part. He’s not D Rose but he can spread the floor
and attack the basket if needed. Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Luol
Deng should carry this team for now.

What to expect from Derrick Rose in his return?

I would expect Rose to work hard and pick up where he left off.
Meniscus tear is a relatively common occurrence in the NBA, and medial
meniscus is a lighter injury than the lateral. However, he’s been gone
for a long time he will need to shake off a lot of rust.

Derrick Rose is an explosive player he rely too much on his
athleticism. Surgeries on both his knees for different types of
injuries will not bode well for him. He must develop his game. He need
to have a first class jump shot to lessen his need to attack the

Frank Warren

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