DeMarcus Cousins Gets Traded to New Orleans

The Sacramento Kings traded DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans for a first round draft pick. Cousins will team up with Anthony Davis of the Pelicans where they hope they will be a nightmare matchup in the 2017 NBA playoffs.


Anthony Davis is All-Star Game MVP in New Orleans

On February 19, Anthony Davis scored the most points and became the Most Valuable Player that day. In a game featuring Eastern All-Stars and Western All-Stars, Davis became a dominant big man in the game of basketball. Now, it’s up to Anthony Davis to make sure that New Orleans doesn’t fade away in the playoffs or come the final thirty games of the regular season.

NBA Recap

It is the new year and All-Star weekend is approaching in New Orleans moved from Charlotte. I am excited to see these NBA stars such as LeBron James, Giannis Antetokuonmpo, Anthony Davis, and Stephen Curry starting in the 2017 All-Star Game. I’d like to see a fantastic showcase featuring these basketball players on February 19, 2017.

NBA Offseason/Warriors win NBA title

The Golden State Warriors are the 2015 NBA champions and they did it by beating Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers four times in a best of seven game series. Steve Kerr’s Warriors are the golden standard of playing basketball. If only our representatives at the U.S. Men’s National Basketball team at the Olympic Games could do that feat of what the Golden State Warriors did. 80% of life is showing up, and these Warriors did do that. The Cleveland Cavaliers resigned Kevin Love to a multi-year deal and the New Orleans Pelicans inked Anthony Davis to a five-year extension. The Toronto Raptors signed DeMarre Carroll away from the Atlanta Hawks for a four year, $60 million deal and the San Antonio Spurs signed Danny Green to a 45 million dollar deal for four years.

Golden State Warriors/New Orleans Pelicans matchup

The New Orleans Pelicans face the Golden State Warriors, the basketball squad coached by first timer Steve Kerr. What becomes of the behemoth that Kerr has gotten here to the first round of the playoffs? Can Stephen Curry help these Warriors get to the Finals and eventually the NBA title? We’d like to see that. We also can’t rule out Anthony Davis and these Pelicans. Davis will make Andrew Bogut work, because he is more athletic, faster, and agile than Bogut is.

New Orleans Pelicans

For Eric Gordon, this has been an unfulfilled season for him. Unlike moments where he can hit a game-winning shot, nothing comes easy for the New Orleans Pelicans. A losing season and an All-Star appearance for Anthony Davis says something about their win-loss record. Whatever the Pelicans can sanction from here, they must be able to stay tuned to all the things they have acclaimed since they were the New Orleans Hornets. Before they changed their name, the Pelicans were a team from North Carolina who knew how to play basketball. From Anthony Davis to Eric Gordon to Jrue Holiday and Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson to Tyreke Evans, nothing comes easy for these players starring. What is here to make of it stays here in the Pelicans’ fortunes of landing a franchise player in the future.

Anthony Davis Rising Star

Anthony Davis is developing, however it’s only his second year in the NBA. The power forward/center for the New Orleans Pelicans is maturing quite nicely for someone who has Kevin Garnett’s game, but doesn’t quite have the shooting touch for a big man yet. He is making strides when it comes to setting pick-and-rolls and staying low on the weak side when his point guard attracts attention when he is penetrating in the lane. Davis knows how to rotate in the lane, because now he can move around in the paint and knows how to avoid the 3-second violation because he understands he can’t be in the lane for more than three seconds. He knows how to move after setting a screen and when he sets the pick, his point guard understands where he’s going to move and he sends Davis the ball on his way to the hoop. Give him a few more years and Davis is a solid rotational player who knows his fundamentals in the Pelicans’ lineup.