NBA Happenings

Jarrett Jack signed an offer sheet to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Eric Bledsoe and Caron Butler were traded as part of a three-team deal and went to Phoenix. Jared Dudley and J.J. Redick were also part of that deal and were traded to the Clippers. Andre Iguodala signed to played with the Golden State Warriors as Nick Young agreed to join the Los Angeles Lakers. J.J. Hickson signed a three-year deal to join the Denver Nuggets. The San Antonio Spurs reached an agreement to sign Marco Belinelli away from Chicago. The Portland Trail Blazers signed guard Earl Watson. Chauncey Billups is returning back to Detroit. Billups will be mentoring the younger Pistons guards at work. That will be a very good sight to watch. The NBA has had a bunch of signings of rookies joining up to play in the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers went and got Andrew Bynum from Philadelphia. The Bucks signed Jeff Teague to a contract and the Detroit Pistons signed Josh Smith and went to get Rasheed Wallace and brought him in as an assistant coach for the Pistons. C.J. Watson signed with the Indiana Pacers and the Pacers brought back David West.  Lots of things happening in the NBA. I just remembered to mention the signings going on right now. I think this fall’s NBA season going to be a very busy time for most of the NBA players.

May 2nd games

The Brooklyn Nets beat the Chicago Bulls in Game 6 95-92 to force a Game 7. This may be the biggest collapse of the season for Chicago. The Nets caught the Bulls sleeping on the job. Chicago had a 3-1 series lead and wasted two chances to put Brooklyn away. The Golden State Warriors beat the Denver Nuggets in six games, winning Game 6, 92-88. Stephen Curry is a fabulous basketball who knows how to get the job done. He scored with a will and that’s what won the game.

Game 5s of NBA Playoffs

The Denver Nuggets ran over the Golden State Warriors 107-100 for the second time in the series. The series lead for the Golden State Warriors is 3-2 and they can close out elimination in Game 6. Memphis beat the L.A. Clippers 103-93 to go up 3-2 and they now have a chance to win and move on to face their opponent in the next round. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol were unstoppable. The Memphis Grizzlies’ grinding style halted the Clippers’ run and gun style of play. That’s why Memphis is enjoying their 3-2 series lead.

Games 3 and 4 of NBA Playoffs

The Chicago Bulls beat the Brooklyn Nets to go up 3-1 to win 142-134 and then Brooklyn beat Chicago in Game 5 110-91 to cut the series lead to 3-2. The Memphis Grizzlies beat the L.A. Clippers 104-83 to tie the series and 2-2 and goes back to Los Angeles for Game 5. Atlanta beat the Indiana Pacers 90-69 to cut the Pacers’ series lead to a 2-1 deficit and in the next game Atlanta beats Indiana 102-91 and the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Houston Rockets 104-101 to go up 3-0. Later on, Houston survives by beating the Thunder 105-103 in Game 4. Boston beat New York in an elimination game to win 97-90 and Miami finished Milwaukee in four games straight 88-77. The San Antonio Spurs beat the LA. Lakers 103-82 to win their playoff series, 4-0. Golden State beat the Denver Nuggets 115-101 to go up 3-1 in their best of seven series. These are all worthy games that each team should be winning, although I am surprised the Chicago Bulls didn’t go for the knockout punch against Brooklyn in an elimination game. The Warriors are handling the Nuggets, because of Golden State point guard Stephen Curry’s scoring performances. No surprise from the Spurs ousting the Lakers. Or Miami finishing the Bucks in four games straight.

Game 3s of NBA Playoffs

The New York Knicks beat the Boston Celtics in Game 3, 90-76. They really put the hammer down on the Boston Celtics by playing spectacular defense and spreading the ball around on offense and sharing the rock. The Knicks go up 3 games to none and make the Celtics face an elimination game. Also, the San Antonio Spurs beat the L.A. Lakers to go up 3-0 by winning it 120-89. The Spurs also put the Lakers in a bad position by having them face an elimination game too. The Golden State Warriors beat the Denver Nuggets by a score of 110-108. The Warriors really got this game. Stephen Curry had 29 points to lead the Warriors. Both the Warriors and the Nuggets are evenly matched.

Round 1: Game 1s of NBA Playoffs

The Chicago Bulls lost to the Brooklyn Nets in Game 1. Plenty of action in that series and for the Bulls to react to the loss so they can get back into the series. The Nets played better basketball than Chicago did. Plain and simple. They made the extra pass. They shot better. They played better defense and gave more effort than Chicago did. The Golden State Warriors lost to the Denver Nuggets on a last second shot. The Warriors hung around until they finally lost on a game-winning layup belonging to Andre Miller. The Warriors did everything right in the game against the Nuggets. They played stifling defense and didn’t allow the Nuggets to run their fast-paced fast break game. They just let a game go to Denver. The team to watch out for in the NBA playoffs are the L.A. Clippers. Why? They have a lot of players on the bench that can contribute in a hurry, get rebounds, play defense, and score points. They surprised the Memphis Grizzlies in their Game 1. Look for the Clippers to run and gun especially when you have Chris Paul on the wings and DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin running beside him.

2013 NBA Playoffs

The 2013 NBA Playoffs start today and boy am I psyched! I watched the ending of the Knicks-Celtics Game 1 today and the Knicks emerged victorious 85-78. Carmelo Anthony had a big game and I’m looking forward to see if the Golden State Warriors can handle the fast-break up-and-down Denver Nuggets on ESPN. The Warriors are an offensive juggernaut, but can they handle these fast Nuggets players? Stay tuned.