Evan Fournier

The Orlando Magic shooting guard Evan Fournier has begun his journey in the NBA. He has averaged 15 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal per game and he has helped his team, the Orlando Magic win ball games. Look out for him to shake up the NBA as he shoots the basketball and help Orlando get back to the NBA playoffs.

Brian Shaw’s Denver Nuggets

These Denver Nuggets that Brian Shaw are coaching are 12-8. With Ty Lawson out with an injury, prepare to have Andre Miller and Evan Fournier shoot the lights out of the gym. Watch out for forward Anthony Randolph’s minutes to expand, because Brian Shaw is playing guys for effectiveness on the basketball court. Shaw is managing a Nuggets team that is deep in depth and size. Denver coach Brian Shaw isn’t taking guff from players who aren’t giving their all. If Kenneth Faried isn’t up to playing up to par about his best basketball performances, expect Shaw to bench him. Shaw is running a deep Nuggets squad, quite like former Nuggets coach George Karl, who knows how to get these players up and down the court like Elmer Fudd hunting down Bugs Bunny, firing his shotgun. I expect to see a tight ship being run harder by head coach Brian Shaw, because he is allowing players to see their best basketball days ahead of them. Shaw will run these Nuggets players like Miller and Fournier and Randolph and Javale McGee at a high pace until they score 110 points and the game is over. That is Denver’s style of basketball and they run opponents dry to the ground with their fast frantic play.