Cleveland Cavaliers Season Preview 2017-2018

Derrick Rose, Jose Calderon, and Isaiah Thomas are all point guards. All have been floor leaders before. What gives now for these three? Playing time on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Can Rose, Thomas, and Calderon balance each other out for point guard duties?

Also, you’ve got J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert back as well as Kyle Korver. They’ve got to make sizable contributions to the basketball squad in order for Cleveland to get back at Golden State. Dwyane Wade has joined them. You need Wade to be healthy to be at his best.

Then, you’ve got Lebron James, Jae Chrowder, Kevin Love, and Channing Frye. These four players have to compete at a high level to beat a team like the Golden State Warriors. Rebound, score, play defense, be dirty a bit and rough up the interior Warriors bigs.

At center, you got Tristan Thompson, Jeff Green, and Ante Zizic. Can’t nobody give up an interior body in the paint. Got to get those rebounds and play defense and be prepared to catch the basketball to put in the basket.

Overall, Cleveland can play with the best of the NBA. They just need to be competitive more.


Deron Williams and Kyle Korver Sign with Cleveland

Deron Williams signed to play with Lebron James and traded for Kyle Korver from Atlanta. The question is, will they play better with two new acquisitions? Only thirty games left into the NBA regular season and we have yet seen stand out games from Korver or Williams.

Game 1 of the Eastern Conference NBA Finals

The Cleveland Cavaliers came prepared for their first game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Cavs were upped to play up-tempo defense so they could stop the Hawks from running their team plays. The Cavs made sure they didn’t give Kyle Korver any open looks and made it hard on Jeff Teague to get his open looks at the basket. Lebron James was the centerpiece of Cleveland’s offense and J.R. Smith made most of his open looks. The Hawks looked frustrated, partly because they weren’t prepared by the Cavaliers’ onslaught. Every time the Hawks made a basket, Cleveland made sure they run a half-court offense so they could get their two points on the other end. In order to win the game, the Cavaliers had to neutralize the Hawks’ up-tempo offense and they did that with defense and making stops before Atlanta could hoist a three-point shot or a bucket near the basket.

Bulls vs Pacers on ESPN

I’m watching a Bulls-Pacers game where the Bulls are down 89-94 to the Indiana Pacers with less than 40 seconds left to go. The Pacers should be giving a Bulls a whipping, because they are more talented than Chicago is, considering Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose is out with a torn ACL. These Bulls aren’t the same as last year, when they had John Lucas III, Ronnie Brewer, Kyle Korver, C.J. Watson, and Omer Asik. They’re not completely different either as similar backups are taking their place and yet, some odd faces like Nazr Mohammed and Marquis Teague taking the floor. The Pacers, on the other hand, have a talented team with George Hill, Paul George, Danny Granger, and Roy Hibbert. It’s no wonder that Indiana is leading Chicago 95-92 with less than twenty seconds to go. It’s going to be a tight game.

NBA 2012 Off-Season Part 1

Hi, NBA summer! Welcome to the NBA off-season where anything can happen. Leandro Barbosa is a free agent and I expect the Indiana Pacers to re-sign him soon. I am interested in how the Chicago Bulls handle new personnel as Marco Bellinelli is on board as Kirk Hinrich is back with Chicago again and Mike James again for another stint. The Bulls also signed Vladimir Radomanovic and Nate Robinson too as well. The Bulls are interested in giving NBA rookie Marquis Teague a chance to do well in the Bulls’ backcourt. That would be possible too as well. The Bulls should be ashamed of themselves for letting Omer Asik leave to play for the Houston Rockets.

The Atlanta Hawks also shook up their roster too by letting Hinrich leave and having traded for Devin Harris from Utah. They also signed Kyle Korver from Chicago also. Sharpshooter Anthony Morrow is on board for the Hawks as well. DeShawn Stevenson from New Jersey (now called the Brooklyn Nets) was also signed and so was Lou Williams from Philadelphia. The Celtics have a new team now that Ray Allen is longer a part of Boston. Jason Terry has been signed on for a championship run and the C’s have gotten Jason Collins and re-signed Jeff Green. They also signed Courtney Lee from the Houston Rockets to replace the sharpshooting that Ray Allen once gave the Celtics offensive fire power. I’m interested in seeing how Jared Sullinger does for the Boston Celtics.

Joe Johnson, Jerry Stackhouse, and C.J. Watson are playing for the Brooklyn Nets and are all seemingly to reside in Manhattan, rather than live in Brooklyn and playing in the practice facilities in Brooklyn, New York.

I’m not looking forward to seeing a lot of dramatic changes in the Charlotte Bobcats, but expect Kemba Walker to improve and do better and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to make a spark there in North Carolina.