The mighty Los Angeles Lakers

With the addition of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, they have also signed Chris Duhon as well as Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks. No longer will the Lakers have to deal with Andrew Bynum and his immature and childish behavior on and off the court, as cited by Chris Ross, my fellow basketball writer and colleague (and also co-conspirator). Bynum is sent off to Philadelphia now in Kobe Bryant’s hometown. As the Lakers prepare for next NBA season, get ready for a lineup consisting of Steve Nash at point guard, Kobe Bryant at shooting guard, Ron Artest as small forward, Pau Gasol at the power forward, and Dwight Howard at center. With a bench that has backup point guard Chris Duhon, backup forward Antawn Jamison and backup shooting guard Jodie Meeks as well as recurring bench roles such as Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, Jordan Hill, Devin Ebanks, and Troy Murphy, this is a Lakers team that is now a dominant force and should be reckoned with. There are a lot of question marks such as, how will they compete with the 2004 Lakers that had Gary Payton and Karl Malone alongside Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Will the 2012-2013 version of the Lakers be better or worse than the 2003-2004 L.A. Lakers? That’s what we want to know. That’s what we want to find out.


Recent NBA trades and Thoughts

The L.A. Lakers landed Steve Nash now. Nash and Kobe Bryant will make a good duo in the backcourt. If Ron Artest a.k.a. Metta World Peace stays and Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum also stay, they will make the Lakers tougher to beat with Nash aboard. Nash will make the Lakers play more up-tempo, but with Bynum and Gasol clogging up the lanes, the Lakers will be forced to play some small ball and then some slow-tempo basketball. Joe Johnson was traded to the Brooklyn Nets now. Mo Williams went to the Utah Jazz. Marvin Williams also went to the Utah Jazz also. Jason Terry has joined the Boston Celtics organization after being dealt from the Dallas Mavericks. Laundry Fields went to the Toronto Raptors. What a crazy combination. Why would Fields go to the Toronto Raptors, one of the worst NBA teams in the NBA after being in New York City with Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire? Eric Gordon just signed an offer to play for the Phoenix Suns and left the L.A. Clippers. Lamar Odom is officially a Clipper now. Why does Odom like to play in L.A.?

Unbelievable Basketball Game

I missed an unbelievable basketball game last night. I should’ve watched Kevin Durant’s game-winning three-pointer against these talented-and-also-full-of-hubris L.A. Lakers in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. This goes to show you all that you’ve got to take advantage of these little situations in the box score and like Russell Westbrook says, “You can’t afford to sit back and wonder about it.” Two Lakers that might be sitting back and wondering about it is Pau Gasol and Ron Artest, two Lakers that could’ve helped Kobe Bryant seal the Game 4 win. No doubt in my mind that wasn’t going to happen to these hubris-filled Lakers. Now, the Thunder are sitting pretty now with a 3-1 series lead. If the Lakers look back on this, who is this Lakers team that succumbed to an athletic and young Thunder team and didn’t play in the moment and look to get their points early and sustain it and beat OKC up for it, showing the young Thunder how basketball should be played and force the Lakers’ tempo upon Oklahoma City. Not a chance, Los Angeles. The Thunder look ready and they have been mature enough to realize their mistakes they’ve lost for and made up for it in the past with an astonishing series victory now that can clinch their West finals matchup with the San Antonio Spurs. That should be exciting to watch. If the Oklahoma City Thunder can learn anything about playing their best basketball, they should keep doing it. They look like they’re having fun out there.