Ahh, just like a regular workday, although it’s Sunday, I expect today’s games to be just as entertaining as any other day. The Clippers are playing the New York Knicks, so expect the Clippers to run with Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and De Andre Jordan. The Knicks are ever so inconsistently running with Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd as their best defensive stalwarts, although they do have a formidable defense at the basket. Expect the Clippers at their best and the Knicks performing somewhat admirably best at running their halfcourt sets. This game is on ABC today, and it really should be a nail-biter if New York makes this game competitive.


New York Knicks

I live here in New York City and I cannot stand when the New York Knicks do rally from behind and beat the leading team. They beat the Charlotte Bobcats in an earlier contest which I posted earlier, 100-98. Now they defeat the Brooklyn Nets in another come-from-behind victory 100-97. Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd have got to be the guilty culprits when it comes to helping the Knicks overcome lead deficits during the game. As I watch Chandler play basketball, I begin to appreciate how much he contributes to winning basketball, as he already has an NBA ring. His defense means so much for a winning basketball team, yet his offense is scarcely improving.