East and West Conference Semifinals

We have two Game 7s between the Toronto Raptors and the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat and the Charlotte Hornets. What is it with Toronto not being able to finish Game 6 and move on? This will definitely haunt Toronto and they might be able to survive round 1 of the NBA playoffs. Miami wins Game 6 97-90 because they wouldn’t give up. They know too much about being defeated. It’s veterans like Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem that will let opponents wear down, after seeing them down. We know that Golden State will play a full game with a whole team without Stephen Curry against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Warriors probably won’t let an injury to them bother them, but it will sting playing against the San Antonio Spurs, who don’t have an injury. The Spurs will have their hands full handling Kevin Durant and his Oklahoma City Thunder.


NBA Finals Thoughts: Mike Miller starting and Udonis Haslem being benched

This is one of the best possible moves that Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has made. He made room for a perimeter shooter in Mike Miller and sent his rebounding hound and defensive backup in Udonis Haslem to the bench. Spoelstra hasn’t sent in his energy guy, Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen into the game, both instances in which Miami won Game 4 and San Antonio in turn winning Game 5. What’s up with that? I think Spoelstra needs Andersen to guard Tim Duncan, because he will help Miami out with his energy and rebounding and defense.

Game 5: Miami wins 90-79 against Indiana

Lebron James did it all in Game 5. He scored 30 points as Miami took over in the third quarter. There’s no stopping James’ quest for his second NBA title. What stops him? Lebron James. Whatever shots he makes and misses and decisions he makes in his head determines how the outcome of a basketball game goes. He got no help from his teammate Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh or Mario Chalmers. Udonis Haslem contributed 16 points on 8-of-9 shooting and had a good game. In the end, I think what determines a Heat victory or loss stays on Lebron James’ shoulders.

Who can beat the Miami Heat?

I guarantee it. There’s no one on this planet who can stop Lebron James. You can only hope to contain him. He and Dwyane Wade are an unstoppable force, forces only met by challenges from within will the Miami Heat championship be thwarted on their way to their second consecutive NBA title. With the ‘Birdman’ Chris Andersen and shooters like Ray Allen, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, and James Jones and role players like Udonis Haslem, Mario Chalmers, Chris Bosh, and Shane Battier, they will be tough to beat when you have an ultra fast break with James and Wade on the wings and shooters challenging you to put in the basket as fast as Allen, Miller, Lewis, Chalmers, and Jones can put it in.

Miami Heat beat the Indiana Pacers 115-83

This was a blowout win for the Miami Heat. Not only were there three flagrant fouls called, but the Heat showed their will and resiliency against a Pacers team that showed them in this series that they were not scared of mighty Miami. Miami’s reserve power forward and center Dexter Pittman delivered a slash to Lance Stephenson’s throat in the final seconds. Maybe he was proving a point to Stephenson about mocking Lebron James with the choke signal when he missed three free throws in Game 5. There was another flagrant when Tyler Hansbrough otherwise known as Psycho T delivered a blow to Dwyane Wade’s forehead as Wade went for a contested layup. He broke open a cut above Wade’s left eyebrow. Later, Udonis Haslem went for Hansbrough and got Tyler caught up when he didn’t make a play on the ball. I think a fine on Haslem should be made. I expect Game 6 to be a wild and contested game. I like how the Miami Heat kept their composure after Indiana tried to discourage the Heat from making layups. I think Udonis Haslem’s attempt to go for Hansbrough instead of the ball was uncalled for. So is Pittman’s attempt to foul Stephenson. I am looking forward to Game 6 and am excited to see if the Miami Heat are pumped up for a clinching victory.