NBA Playoffs 2017

The NBA playoffs are here and we are off to the races! The L.A. Clippers lost Game 1 and home court advantage to the Utah Jazz. What is to become of this for the star-studded Los Angeles Clippers? Clips coach Doc Rivers will need to find answers in order to rebound from their Game 1 loss. The Chicago Bulls found life in their Game 1 victory in Boston. The eighth seeded Chicago Bulls will need more from their one-man show, Jimmy Butler, in order to win Game 2.


Jeff Hornacek’s Phoenix Suns Club

Now replaced by new Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek, former coach Lindsey Hunter has left. 6 wins and 6 losses into the season, Hornacek is managing a Phoenix Suns club running and gunning with newly acquired Eric Bledsoe from the L.A. Clippers and Goran Dragic in the back court scoring and slashing at the basket while they have the Morris brothers, Markieff and Marcus in the front court grabbing rebounds and getting garbage points. They are creating excitement in the league, but the question is how long can they last since getting a new head coach in Hornacek and trading away Marcin Gortat to the Washington Wizards. There is a lot of buzzing around in Phoenix, because Gortat is no longer the centerpiece of the Suns franchise. Now, it’s up to Markieff and Marcus Morris to generate revenue in Arizona for as long as Phoenix fans want to see their Suns win games. Channing Frye should be Hornacek’s favorite shooting player, because he can shoot the basketball. I’d like to see how Alex Len develops under coach Jeff Hornacek’s tutelage, because there isn’t much damage Len can do yet, but he will gradually become a dependable center who will score points and grab rebounds. Hornacek will be able to identify with the shooters on this Phoenix Suns basketball squad, because he was a shooting guard for the Utah Jazz, Philadelphia Sixers, and the Suns. He will try and get his players to shoot the basketball consistently on a game-by-game basis. 

Celtics/Heat and Knicks/Jazz on ESPN

Two great games coming on TV, the Miami Heat visiting the Boston Celtics in Massachusetts and the New York Knicks visit the Utah Jazz. The Heat’s 22-game winning streak is on the line and the Knicks are trying to work off their road woes to win a game in Utah. What will happen to the Heat and their winning streak? Will they return to their winning ways? Will the Knicks find ways to overcome their injuries and win a game in Utah?