New Orleans Pelicans

For Eric Gordon, this has been an unfulfilled season for him. Unlike moments where he can hit a game-winning shot, nothing comes easy for the New Orleans Pelicans. A losing season and an All-Star appearance for Anthony Davis says something about their win-loss record. Whatever the Pelicans can sanction from here, they must be able to stay tuned to all the things they have acclaimed since they were the New Orleans Hornets. Before they changed their name, the Pelicans were a team from North Carolina who knew how to play basketball. From Anthony Davis to Eric Gordon to Jrue Holiday and Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson to Tyreke Evans, nothing comes easy for these players starring. What is here to make of it stays here in the Pelicans’ fortunes of landing a franchise player in the future.

All-Star Game 2014

Kyrie Irving is the All-Star game MVP and Lebron James chipped in in the East’s victory over the West as the Western Conference All-Stars finally lose a game in three years. Irving is the man in Cleveland and he will be for years to come. No closure yet on how Lebron James will say if he will leave Miami and go back to Cleveland. Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant were the leading scorers for the Western Conference All-Stars as they were humble in the loss. Time will tell if the L.A. Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder will be able to figure out why their respective teams will go further in the NBA playoffs.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has been on a tear recently. His basketball surges of 30+ points per game has been outstanding. If anything, he should continue this tear and show the basketball world what his talent is. Recently, against the L.A. Lakers, he scored 43 points, 19 in the fourth quarter as OKC won 107-103. Durant is a pure scorer, because all he does is score points for the Thunder. He is a fantastic three-pointer shooter with range and can find his way to the hoop with ease because of his long lanky frame. He has no trouble at all posting up shorter defenders and with bigger guys defending him, he’ll blow right by them. It’s Kevin Durant scoring with a style in the NBA.