San Antonio Spurs Win 2014 NBA Championship

So the Spurs have done it. They’ve beaten the Miami Heat to win the 2014 NBA title. San Antonio has a mentality to win basketball games, not by having individual stars, but by having team players. They were a team in every way. In addition to that, Kawhi Leonard is the NBA Finals MVP. Leonard helped San Antonio contain Lebron James and it was a key factor. Miami tried to didn’t let up, but eventually their defense was their demise. The Heat defense isn’t what it used to be, and it showed this season. 

Miami Heat Championship Setback if Heat Do Not Win Game 5

The Miami Heat will look back on this and remark that one of their role players, a starting point guard named Mario Chalmers didn’t play his best game when he had the chance to perform. The other role players, like Chris Andersen, Ray Allen, and Norris Cole are contributing statistically-wise to the Heat success. Andersen provides grit and defense and rebounding and that’s all Erik Spoelstra is asking of him. Ray Allen, the sharpshooter, has seen success in winning an NBA title and wants to add another title to his resume. Allen provides veteran leadership and a shooting stroke that’s hard to master for many years. Cole has seen playing time behind Chalmers and is a spark plug when the Miami Heat need it. Cole and Chalmers haven’t shown up in the NBA Finals and they haven’t shown it that they needed to produce points when the team needed to win basketball games.

Spurs win 107-86 to go on brink of championship

It was a runaway from the get-go. San Antonio scored at will and there was no turning back. The Heat looked awful. What’s there to explain in Game 4? The Heat played awful. Now, Miami has to be the first team to come back from a 3-1 series deficit to win the NBA championship. The Spurs are excited and are looking to put away Miami in San Antonio for Game 5. Can the Spurs do it and win Game 5?

Spurs win Game 3 111-92, What’s Going on, Miami?

The San Antonio Spurs put out a whooping 111 points here in Game 3 in Miami. Everybody on the Spurs contributed to the victory. No one was left unaccounted for. How do basketball commentators and analysts get to this? How does anyone explain Miami’s behavior in Game 3? The Heat didn’t come prepared to play, that’s for sure. If Miami continues not to show up like they did in Game 3, expect San Antonio to win the NBA title in Game 5. Lebron James, that’s no excuse. If this is your realm, you need to show Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli that this is your home court. Lebron, you need to show your talent to Duncan, Popovich, Parker, and Ginobli that you are capable of taking them on. How does the San Antonio Spurs explain this onslaught of the Miami Heat? Simple. The Spurs played better basketball. They moved the basketball, they found the open man, and shot the ball when they had an open shot.

Lebron James rules Game 2 as Heat win 98-96

As he got cramps in Game 1, Lebron James wondered if he was going to get over it in Game 2. He scored 35 points on this night to bring the series to a 1-1 tie and the series shifts to Miami. He was unstoppable as Miami is trying to tell San Antonio, “Hey, we’re playing it right too,” and having a tandem of Chris Bosh and Rashard Lewis definitely tries and open up the Heat’s bigs on perimeter shooting. What will the Heat do for an encore? They have Game 3 in Miami. How do the Spurs try and adjust to the Heat following their Game 2 loss?

1 Thing Miami Must Do to Get Going in Game 2

One thing the Miami Heat and head coach Erik Spoelstra must adjust and do in Game 2 in San Antonio is get Mario Chalmers going. Sharpshooter Ray Allen had 10 points and Chris Andersen had his share of defensive intensity and rebounds in Game 1. If Chalmers scores over 10 points, I guarantee you Miami will have a chance to win the ball game and Game 2 and have the advantage for home court for Games 3 and 4 in Miami.

Spurs win Game 1 110-95

San Antonio is trying to erase the memories of last year’s NBA Finals. Tim Duncan is trying to predict this year in 2014, they’ll take the NBA title. Game 1 is in the books, and the San Antonio Spurs take Game 1. They are three wins away. The Spurs played a balanced game and it showed. Everyone on the Spurs team played team basketball. Now it’s up on the Heat to try and win Game 2 Sunday. What will the Heat do to seize the series and regain home court?