Game 5: Miami 131, OKC 106

The Miami Heat really controlled Game 5. Lebron James and Dwyane Wade ran havoc all over OKC. They scored buckets, they played defense, they ran the basketball court in their own pace, and they made sure OKC made tough baskets. They deserved to win the NBA title. They ran set plays, they made Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook make tough shots. The Heat ran up and down the court to get open shots. Heat players Shane Battier and Mike Miller made open three pointers.

Game 4: Miami Heat 104, Oklahoma City Thunder 98

The Heat won Game 4 by playing Miami basketball. Lebron James had 26 points, Dwyane Wade had 25 points, Mario Chalmers had 25 points, and Chris Bosh had 13. They pushed the tempo, they toughened up on the play, they outhustled the Thunder, and outscored OKC on every possession. If Miami does this regularly in Game 5, they’ll win the NBA championship. The Thunder are witnesses to Miami stardom in Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. If James and Wade want to win this, they’ll need a total team effort to do so in Game 5.

Game 3: Miami Heat 91, Oklahoma City 85

I enjoyed the pace the Miami Heat played last night. They pushed the tempo, played at their own pace, and pushed the young, pesky Thunder around. Lebron James had 29 points, Dwyane Wade had 25 points, and Chris Bosh had 10 points. They showed OKC how star power in basketball should be played. Dwyane Wade and Lebron James showed Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook that they are playing Heat basketball and that they are playing at the Heat’s tempo. For Game 4, the Miami Heat should keep using the winning formula since Game 3. Then they will be able to overcome stopping Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and their offensive attacks at the rim.

Game 2 Miami vs. OKC

I didn’t watch the entire game, as I was too tired and had to go to bed. It must have been an exciting game, because Miami won. The Heat beat the Thunder 100-96. Lebron James had 32 points, Shane Battier had 17, Chris Bosh had 16 points, and Dwyane Wade had 24 points. This was a vengeful game for Miami as they win Game 2. Now, Miami has to go back to their home and play three games there. This is a special time for OKC, because Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden are all 23 years old and are trying to win the NBA title in their first trip together in the NBA Finals. Miami has to sustain the effort they won Game 2 and apply it to Games 3, 4, and 5.

Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

This was an eventful Game 1. OKC played beautiful basketball against the Miami Heat. Kevin Durant showed Lebron James how a superstar should play basketball. The Thunder win the ball game 105-94. If Kevin Durant shows Lebron James how to play team ball, OKC will put Miami to shame because they are playing team basketball and Durant and his teammates are showing the star-studded Miami Heat team how to put on a basketball clinic. If Kevin Durant shows the Miami team how to play team basketball in Game 2, they might put a scare into them that Oklahoma City is for real and they are challenging Miami seriously for an NBA title.

Miami 101, Boston 88

Miami wins the decisive Game 7 in Miami and move on to face the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. Chris Bosh is back for Miami and the Heat suddenly have all of their guns rolling for them. I expect Miami to put on an offensive showcase as they play OKC. It’s star power in the Miami Heat versus the Oklahoma City Thunder in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. I also expect Lebron James to have his best series of his career.

Game 6: Heat vs Celtics

The Miami Heat turned on the switch tonight and won Game 6 in Boston, 98-79 to force a Game 7 in Miami. Lebron James had 45 points. I believe the Heat have a habit of winning last-minute playoff games when it counts the most. Now, the Heat need the energy to put on the speed to win Game 7 on their home court now. It was a wire-to-wire finish for Miami as they led throughout the game. If Miami wins Game 7, they’ll have an unbelievable matchup with Oklahoma City.