Cavaliers organisation fire David Blatt

The Cleveland Cavaliers have fired David Blatt and are promoting lead assistant coach Tyronn Lue to the head coaching position. Facts were, David Blatt and Lebron James weren’t getting along in practice sessions, and especially in film sessions where Blatt has the opportunity to tell James what he was doing wrong. Blatt wasn’t doing his work per say, however, James’ teammates urged Blatt to tell him and correct what he was doing wrong to get the respect of James’ teammates. Now that Blatt is gone, expect Lue to consider lighter practices for the players and Lebron James to have more fun during NBA basketball games. When Blatt was around, James wasn’t having any of what Blatt was coaching and it was evident of the victories and losses they endured. Blatt lost James’ teammates respect because Blatt didn’t tell Lebron what his mistakes were playing basketball.


Warriors dominating

The Golden State Warriors are 33-2 and they beat the Los Angeles Lakers recently. How will the Dubs do on the next ten games down the stretch in the new year? I think fairly well. They’re taking themselves seriously and they let the playing talk for themselves. Draymond Green declared that there is still room to improve and the whole organization agrees.