Bulls make late push

Tom Thibodeau’s squad of fearless and relentless and determined players are heading to the NBA playoffs and they want to surprise the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. Out is Luol Deng traded to Cleveland. What becomes of the Bulls’ band of soldiers led by Joakim Noah? They have not accepted that this Bulls team isn’t the dynasty that had Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and had role players who knew what they needed to do. This is a band of Bulls who don’t have a role in the NBA and are surprisingly giving us a few nods and shakes because of Noah’s physical activity and Taj Gibson’s energy. Joakim Noah is rallying up the team with his spirit and fearlessness. If anything, I don’t think anybody would like to face the Chicago Bulls in the first round, because they are scrappy and hate to lose a basketball game.

Kevin Durant without Russell Westbrook

The Oklahoma City Thunder signed an acquisition in Caron Butler. What the Thunder want in Butler’s services are his veteran presence and savvy court leadership. Another pressing issue is now that Russell Westbrook is gone with a knee injury. Hurt from his performance against the Toronto Raptors recently, Westbrook’s knee flared up. Despite Westbrook’s injury, Kevin Durant scored 51 points in the Thunder’s double overtime win against the Raptors. This will test Kevin Durant. How will he survive without Westbrook? He must persist in leading Oklahoma City to victory in all of their games. Durant is scoring the way Scottie Pippen is scoring. If Durant isn’t scoring a Michael-Jordanlike performance, then he is doing it the new generation of basketball is doing.

Lebron James scores 61 points

Lebron James sets a Miami Heat record of 61 points against the Charlotte Bobcats on March 4. This may be one of the best performances that Lebron James may have of his career. James may need more scoring baskets to catch Kevin Durant, the forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder to be the regular season MVP.