USA Basketball 2012 Results

This unit that the United States of America sent to London put a beating on the Dominican Republic. On July 12, the U.S. basketball team beat the Dominican Republic 113-59. It was a no contest. USA also beat Brazil 80-69 because of some very good shooting. Later on, the USA contested Great Britain and beat them 118-78, also a no-contest just like the game against the Dominican Republic. Argentina gave the USA basketball team a scare by scoring on open baskets and taking advantage of missed opportunities that the dominant force that used to belong here in this country gave away. The U.S. basketball team held on and beat the Argentines 86-80. Then, the U.S. basketball team showed Spain on July 24 how to play basketball and beat them 100-78 behind Carmelo Anthony and Lebron James. What will hold the Americans back from playing their best basketball is if European teams exploit their lack of size on the interior and all the while, beating the Americans from the perimeter by making long jump shots. This is where the Americans will suffer, if they do expose a lack of having a back-to-the-basket game.


More NBA trades

The Miami Heat signed Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Crazy! This is one full Miami Heat team that has Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Shane Battier, and Mario Chalmers. With bench players like Norris Cole, James Jones, and Mike Miller, the Heat can’t go wrong. I expect the Miami Heat to play with all of its offensive weapons, because this team can put on a spectacular scoring showcase. The Mavericks signed Chris Kaman, a center who can help Dirk Nowitzki. Ryan Anderson, a scoring big man, signed with the New Orleans Hornets now. Jason Kidd signed with the New York Knicks. There are a lot of NBA players changing teams now.

Recent NBA trades and Thoughts

The L.A. Lakers landed Steve Nash now. Nash and Kobe Bryant will make a good duo in the backcourt. If Ron Artest a.k.a. Metta World Peace stays and Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum also stay, they will make the Lakers tougher to beat with Nash aboard. Nash will make the Lakers play more up-tempo, but with Bynum and Gasol clogging up the lanes, the Lakers will be forced to play some small ball and then some slow-tempo basketball. Joe Johnson was traded to the Brooklyn Nets now. Mo Williams went to the Utah Jazz. Marvin Williams also went to the Utah Jazz also. Jason Terry has joined the Boston Celtics organization after being dealt from the Dallas Mavericks. Laundry Fields went to the Toronto Raptors. What a crazy combination. Why would Fields go to the Toronto Raptors, one of the worst NBA teams in the NBA after being in New York City with Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire? Eric Gordon just signed an offer to play for the Phoenix Suns and left the L.A. Clippers. Lamar Odom is officially a Clipper now. Why does Odom like to play in L.A.?

2012 NBA Draft

Anthony Davis went first in the NBA Draft and the New Orleans Hornets got him. This will be a good first impression for Davis as time goes on. I am interested in seeing how Davis does as he works out with New Orleans. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist went second and I am interested in seeing how he works out with the Charlotte Bobcats. As time goes on, I will post scouting reports of my own and seeing how players like Bradley Beal and Dion Waiters fare.