What Direction is the NBA Going In?

What direction is the National Basketball Association going in the near future? You have to admit, things aren’t the same since the one and only Michael Jordan retired. You have to consider that lots of basketball stars are trying to get there with Jordan did with his six championship rings. Lebron James is trying to build up his legacy, but for how long? His jump shot isn’t as consistent or as percentage-heavy driven as Michael Jordan’s was. When I say percentage-heavy driven, I mean that Jordan shot the basketball at a high percentage and he relied on a fadeaway jumper and a jump shot as he got older. Lebron James doesn’t really have a reliable jump shot and he relies on his athleticism, especially his jumping ability to get him through the victory on the basketball court. There is no one who saw the game as gifted as Michael Jordan was.

Men’s Olympic Basketball Team Went for Gold

The USA men’s Olympic basketball team went for gold and got it. They did it by beating Serbia 96-66 in the gold medal game. Kevin Durant had 30 points to lead all male American basketball players in the NBA in the gold medal game. I thought that the USA men’s basketball team weren’t going to give it their all after surviving France, Australia, and also Serbia in the preliminary games. Durant led the way in the gold medal game against Serbia and it was a no-contest.